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Proshare Nigeria LLC has written several authoritative reports in the last 16 years as market intervention contributions to sustain Nigeria’s capital markets transparency, integrity, and flexibility. The platform has deliberately positioned itself as a guardrail for supporting the market's professional conduct practice, consistent with best global practice. Market stakeholders have relied on Proshare to provide independent analyses and reports that inform, educate, and guide best professional practices.

We have played this role for almost two decades with minimal monetary support from market operators. With the domestic inflation rate escalating and the foreign exchange rate rising unpredictably, to continue to sustain Proshare’s premium market service, the organisation has found it necessary to request donations from market stakeholders who appreciate the quality of work done by the Proshare team of analysts/researchers to sustain the company’s independent private sector intervention role in Nigeria’s Financial markets.

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Proshare is a professional practice focused on delivering research and information services to bridge the gap between investors and markets; by delivery on credible, reliable, and timely engagements through the following areas — Impact Research, Market Intelligence, Strategic Advisory, Stakeholder Relations & Digital Media.